All cats and kittens love chasing string and ribbon. Now a 100% safe alternative is available!

Entertain your feline with a cat toy “whip” and treat your kitty to endless fun chasing and “hunting” the KittyWhip cat toy.

See it in action here
  • 61″ overall length: all natural wildgrass cord balanced with a rustic hickory handle.

  • Unique, tightly woven natural wildgrass cord resists fraying and slips effortlessly through kitty’s claws without getting caught.

  • Clear tubing prevents cord from damage where it connects to the hardwood handle.

  • Quality craftsmanship provides countless hours of enjoyment and exercise for your kitty.

  • Rugged construction ensures this cat toy will not bend, break or wear out like plastic toys.

  • Expertly handcrafted in the USA from 100% natural and sustainable materials.

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