The KittyWhip

100% Natural Handmade Cat Toy

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Introducing the NEW KittyWhip Leather and KittyWhip Woven !!

We have taken advantage of #stayathome and are excited to announce our significant re-design and improvement of the KittyWhip cat toy. With new materials and a revamped supply chain, no more plastic anywhere, now made of 100% sustainable materials. Sourced from all small businesses: the handle from Ohio, the strain relief from Kentucky and the cord from India by way of Georgia. The result is a better, more durable KittyWhip and the response from our beta test kitty group has been phenomenal! They love the new cord even more than the original. We are very proud of this new design and pleased to make it available at the same price as the original.

All cats and kittens love chasing string and ribbon. Now a safe alternative is available!

Entertain your feline with a cat toy “whip” and treat your kitty to endless fun chasing and “hunting” the KittyWhip cat toy.

  • Quality craftsmanship provides countless hours of enjoyment and exercise for your kitty.

  • Rugged construction ensures this cat toy will not bend, break or wear out like plastic toys.

  • Expertly handcrafted in the USA from 100% natural and sustainable materials.

  • Patented rustic design is a welcome addition to any environment.

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